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Registered Agent


If you are forming a business entity, you will need a registered agent. Having a registered agent means that you have a responsible third-party who is located in New Mexico (if you choose to form your business entity in that state).

The registered agent is designated to receive a variety of documents on behalf of your business. This includes service of process notices, correspondence from the Secretary of State, and any other official government notifications such as tax forms and a notice of lawsuits. Whether you form a corporation, LLC, or partnership, you typically will need a registered agent.

What Does a Registered Agent Do?


Registered agents are able to provide a presence in the state that you form your business. If you choose to do this in New Mexico, they will be able to accept the service of process. This is essential if you wish to receive tax and legal documents for your business, as well as information regarding lawsuits, or judgments involving your business.

You may also find that a good registered agent will provide other services as well. This might include helping you form your company, book-keeping and accounting services, as well as acting as a virtual office, and handling your mail.

Why You Need a Registered Agent


In the state of New Mexico as a corporation or LLC, you are legally required to have a registered agent. This allows you to have a physical presence in the state. Whether you do not want to be available during business hours, or you do not want to remain in New Mexico, a registered agent provides that presence for your business so you do not have to provide it.

Benefits of a Registered Agent

  • Avoid putting your address online
  • Avoid being served with business lawsuits in front of family and friends
  • Assistance with additional services such as mail handling or receiving documents
  • Privacy to keep your name separate from your business
  • Comply with the law by keeping records and copies of your documents

How to Choose a Registered Agent

Frequent Questions

If you are looking for a registered agent then there are a few requirements that must be abided by:

  1. Must be at least 18 years of age
  2. Must live in the state of New Mexico (if you form your business in New Mexico)
  3. Must be available during business hours
  4. Must be able to receive documents on your behalf

You want to look for a professional appearance in a registered agent. Although the tasks may be simple, you want a registered agent that looks professional and maintains service during business hours. You may also want to go with a nationwide provider. Even though you need a presence in New Mexico if you want to form in other states, having a nationwide provider will allow you to do that.

You can decide to assign yourself as a registered agent, but you must live in the state of New Mexico. If your business was formed in New Mexico and you have someone who lives in New Mexico (but you do not) you can assign yourself as the registered agent.

What Happens If You Don’t Have a Registered Agent


If you do not have a registered agent then your business will be dissolved. This is because you will not be able to receive the proper documentation from the government to stay in compliance.

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